Worried about your video getting lost in the sea of pandemic box videos? We'll help you think outside the box.

Cut Off Studios wants to help your group sound AND look your best by putting the same high production value into video that we put into our audio services.

Whether you're looking for box videos, music videos, education, consulting, or editing, we've got you covered.

The Audio Production Process
Recording Music


Whether it's in the studio, in your dorm, or on your own, recording is a fundamental part of the audio production process. Luckily, our producers can come to you no matter where you are to record your vocals. We also have tips and tricks for recording vocals on your own!

Music Producers


Next step is to take all those vocal tracks and perfect them. During editing, we clean up the vocals, take out breaths, and remove any unwanted sounds to create a clean and ready-to-go version of your song.

Man in Studio


Mixing is where the magic happens. It's what takes a track to that level. Want to sound like you're in a giant room with echoes? Got you. Want to sound like the next pop or electronic hit? No problem. Our producers work with you to make your dream song a reality.

Other Options

Interested in doing audio production on your own? Through our Masterclass 2.0 program, you can learn new skills to make your song become the next big a cappella anthem.

Questions? Email mc2@cutoffstudios.com

Virtual Team Meeting

Video Education


If you've never edited a video before but want to learn how, you can now take classes through our Masterclass 2.0 (MC2) program from start to finish! Whether you're just starting out or want to learn a new program or skill, our expert video team can help you accomplish your goals.

video call dude-4.png

Video Consulting


Feel like you know what you're doing, but want some advice? If you're in the process of creating a video project and want an outside opinion, we can consult you throughout your process and help you bring your vision to life.