Worried about your video getting lost in the sea of pandemic box videos? We'll help you think outside the box.

Cut Off Studios wants to help your group sound AND look your best by putting the same high production value into video that we put into our audio services.

Whether you're looking for box videos, music videos, education, consulting, or editing, we've got you covered.


Hear from Catch 22

Recording Studio

 Headphones Floating

"We wanted an album that was true to our voices and maximized our sound without being overly processed.  His professionalism, talent, and sense of humor made the recording process fun and rewarding.  


We are so proud of our EP and what we were able to accomplish with the help of Cut Off Studios.  Not only do we have a great album, but we have new friends for life."


Our Work

The Audio Production Process
Recording Music


Whether it's in the studio, in your dorm, or on your own, recording is a fundamental part of the audio production process. Luckily, our producers can come to you no matter where you are to record your vocals. We also have tips and tricks for recording vocals on your own!

Music Producers


The next step is to take all those vocal tracks and perfect them. During editing, we clean up the vocals, take out breaths, and remove any unwanted sounds to create a clean and ready-to-go version of your song. Our goal is to refine your group's vocals, never to change or overpower. 

Man in Studio


Mixing is where the magic happens. It's what takes a track to the next level, and our producers will work with your group to get you there. Our expert in-house producers and collaborations with master audio technicians will take your project

to the next level.