Worried about your video getting lost in the sea of pandemic box videos? We'll help you think outside the box.

Cut Off Studios wants to help your group sound AND look your best by putting the same high production value into video that we put into our audio services.

Whether you're looking for box videos, music videos, education, consulting, or editing, we've got you covered.

The AcaBellas - University of Waterloo 

Dischord - University of Pennsylvania

The Video Process
Young Designer


This stage is the most important -- it's where the writing, directing and storyboarding all take place. You don't need to be​ tech-savvy or spend hundreds on equipment to plan a great project! We're here to ask the right questions and help you strategize so you can take your video project to the next level.



Making a high-quality video can seem intimidating, but it's easier than it looks! Whether you need advice on how to get the best lighting or getting a producer on a video call with you as you shoot, our services can help you create the best quality product using the tools available to you. 

Editing with Headphones


After you finish recording audio and video, we can help put the pieces together to create a clean product that matches your vision. We will collaborate with you to edit your material in a way that showcases your group's talent and hard work. Our clinicians will make sure that the end result matches the goals you set for the project.

Other Options

Interested in doing a box video on your own? Through our Masterclass 2.0 program, you can learn new skills to make your virtual videos go viral.

Questions? Email video@cutoffstudios.com

Sam, Director of Video Operations

“One of my favorite parts of working on the Cut Off Studios video production team is the aspect of community, not just the community within the studio but getting to reach out to so many people in the a cappella world that I never would have talked to or done a creative project with before. It’s fantastic. It’s something I never could’ve dreamed of honestly.”

Virtual Team Meeting

Video Education


If you've never edited a video before but want to learn how, you can now take classes through our Masterclass 2.0 (MC2) program from start to finish! Whether you're just starting out or want to learn a new program or skill, our skilled video team can help you learn what to do.

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Video Consulting


Feel like you know what you're doing, but want some advice? If you're in the process of creating a video project and want an outside opinion, we can consult you as you continue and help you create exactly the vision you have.