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Do what you love, love what you do. We'll help you get there.

About Us

Passionate. Personal. Professional.

Founded in 2014, Cut Off Studios has evolved into a dynamic team of individuals that share a love of a cappella.

What makes us unique is that each member of the team works a separate, full time job. We are all here because we love what we do and want to share our experiences and expertise with others in the a cappella community. Our passion is what drives us to continually evolve and work to improve ourselves so we can meet the needs of our clients.

We are a family. A family spread across 7 different cities but always pick up right where we left off once we are back together again. A family that always supports each other and allows for new ideas to be explored.

We build meaningful relationships with our clients and others in the a cappella community and hope that we can support you and your groups goals in the future!

Core Values

Innovative Education.

There is never a bad idea. We support, design and implement new ideas that we think will help our clients achieve their very best.

Never stop improving.

Each of us joined Cut Off Studios because we didn’t want to stop learning what we love. Our team is constantly teaching each other, finding new ways to give you the best products and services.

We think inward.

Giving our clients our best starts with giving each other our best. We believe that creating a respectful and nurturing environment within the studio allows each of us to do the same for our clients.


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We're ALL family.

The a cappella community worldwide is small, mighty, and close-knit. There’s no point to being unkind! Positive actions in the world reverberate into a better tomorrow.

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