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Summer Music Solutions

Summer is in full swing, giving students a break from the craziness of campus life and the demands of the school year. Even though it’s much-needed, summer break has a downside: it means leaving your a cappella group for a few months, and for many people, not having the same opportunities to enjoy and be a part of live music. However, your summer doesn’t have to be music-free, no matter where you are. Finding music events near you over summer break can be easy if you know where to look!

Local universities

Even though school isn’t in session, some colleges and universities offer summer programs and classes centered on performing arts that might culminate into a cabaret or musical performance. Check their arts departments’ websites to see if they are offering any summer performances by their choir, bands, theatre programs or other music groups.

Community theatre

Make sure to check in on your nearest live theater and what they have planned for the summer season. Many community theaters will host singers, dancers, speakers and other performers in addition to putting on their own shows, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Independent local music groups

You’ve probably heard of at least a few local bands or solo artists from your area trying to get their names out there, and what better way to support your local artists than by cheering them on at their shows? Seek out artists putting on performances in your area by surfing social media, especially of local venues, bars or restaurants that offer live music. We all might be craving huge concerts or crazy festivals, but nothing beats an intimate backyard show.

Online events

Event and gathering restrictions are being eased in many places, but online events are still very much alive! Artists of all types are still offering live stream performances, making it extremely safe and easy to enjoy live music. Try keeping up with your favorite artists on social media to catch any announcements about online concerts, and Facebook Events is a great tool for hearing about live streams as well.

Check Facebook

Not only can it be used for online concerts, but Facebook Events can keep you in the loop about in-person performances as well! The Events page is perfect for finding live music near you, whether it be a local choir concert, an aspiring band’s first show, or a singer’s gig at a bar or restaurant. To make this feature even better, Facebook can alert you to events that your friends have indicated they’re interested in attending as well, making it easy to find a friend to go with.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in the search for your summer sound. You know your community better than anyone, so don’t let this list limit you in finding local events! These solutions might not be quite as good as reuniting with your own a cappella group or music ensemble, but hopefully they’ll keep you singing for the summer until you get back to the real deal. Happy hunting!

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