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Video Production Tips and Tricks: Using Your Resources Wisely

If your a cappella group is interested in creating your own professional-grade music videos but don’t have access to professional equipment, not to worry! Cut Off Studios can help you produce amazing results with whatever equipment you already have access to. Follow these tips on how to make the most of common resources to take your video project to the next level.

When recording on a smartphone, use the rear-facing camera.

The rear-facing camera records in higher quality than the front-facing selfie camera, giving you cleaner results. It may be tempting to watch yourself in the front-facing camera as you record, but the quality is not as good and watching yourself can be distracting. Remember to record in landscape mode as well!

Play your sound out loud as you record.

Jam out to your track in real time as you record! Not only is it fun, but playing the audio you plan to use in the final cut of the video helps the editor line up the video with the audio and align everything properly. Play your track as loud as you want, because the audio you capture as you record your video won’t be used in the final cut anyway. Have fun with it!

Make sure you have proper lighting.

You should be able to clearly see all of your face, but be careful not to wash yourself out with too much harsh lighting. Nothing so bright that you can’t see the details of your face and clothing, and no lighting that will create deep shadows.

Natural light is your friend.

Record during the day in a room with windows. Daylight is a great way to be lit from many different angles at the same time! Light fixtures in your home may emit different colour temperatures from one another, or light you from strange angles that don’t flatter your face. Stand next to a window when you can, or at least in a room that has windows. Be careful not to stand directly in front of a window to avoid being backlit, which can result in the camera only picking up your silhouette and not your features.

Use the best camera you have, but remember that the quality of your tools isn’t the most important part of creating your dream video.

If you have an advanced camera that can shoot better video than your smartphone and you’re comfortable using it, that’s fantastic! Tap into your tech knowledge and film away. But don’t feel discouraged or worry that your video won’t be as good if you don’t. Today’s smartphone cameras are extremely high quality, and professionals don’t rely as much on having expensive equipment these days - Studio clinicians even recommend spending your budget in other places first. The quality of your video will come from your effort, performance, and other recommended practices listed in these posts, which are free and accessible to everyone.

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